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I wish I only had 12 days left til I leave. I could use the Panamanian heat and beach right now. So for me it is 58 days and counting!!!!!!!!!



where are you heading………. and don’t fret the small stuff ;D as I started counting at about 147 days…….. ;D

I will be staying in Panama City with my friends for a couple of days to shop and then back to Decameron. Everyone here is giving me a hard time as this is my 11th trip to Panama and 8th trip to Decameron. They are telling me I need to try something different but I think hey if you find something you like then enjoy it. I am hoping to experience some areas of Panama that I have not seen like Bocas del Toro in the future. (Maybe throw a trip to Gamboa in there sometime too.) I will try not to fret the small stuff as I am going to put a beautiful picture of the beach on my desk at work and on my dresser at home to remind me that in the near future I will be relaxing and not worrying about anything!!!!


Vyro, in case you haven’t noticed ….. we’ll be spending a few days in Bocas also, on Bastimentos Island.

You will definately have to tell me what you think. This trip in March is my solo trip where I shop and relax. My husband I will go for 2 (maybe 3 weeks) in the fall and I am hoping to go to Bocas for a few days then.

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