~1300.00 total incl tax for 3 vs ~7500.00 next day | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Every once in a while you see a possible computer pricing glitch like I did last year for a 5 star mexican resort. Don’t know if this is the same but Wholesale travel prices the pkg below for ~1300.00 taxes in, for triple occ, 3 people with a superior room. The next day Air Canada has a standard room and the price workes out to about 7500.00. I’ve seen cuban selloffs but nothing like this. I don’t know why but someone may want to take advantage even if it isn’t cuba.San jose, Costa RicaBEST WESTERN IRAZU1 week, Breakfast Daily01/27/09$367 – details

This has happened to me trying to book a Barbados trip and again this year to Grenada. The price is advertised but when you go all thru’ the booking routine, it reverts to some really expensive prices. Yet they continue to advertise it at the cheap price. There oughta be a law!

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