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I just noticed that Anthony’s key resort is offering a 2 for 1 deal that looks very enticing. Anyone been to this hotel and can comment on the hotel and the diving???

Hey TussWossa and I have looked into Anthony’s key resort a little bit but we have never been there before nor do we know anyone else that has been there.The 2 for 1 deal does look good on the surface but I do not believe that Air fare is added into the price. Two years ago I booked through a travel agent (group package), a resort and Air separately and the Air fare was quite expensive. It was almost $900.00 USA to fly to Roatan.With the 2 for 1 package depending on what package you pick (diving, snorkeling, vacation), out of the 3 choices only 2 of the choices include meals (diving, snorkeling). Only coffee, tea, milk or juice is included as drinks. Pop and alcohol is at an extra cost.I have read several resort reviews and they seem to be mixed. Some people loved the resort and others did not. There was a couple common complaints among the reviews written and tourists did complain about the expensive cost of pop as well as alcohol. The other complaint was that all the resort workers (front desk, kitchen staff, gardeners, baggage handlers), etc…. expected tips.There are quite a bit of sites that you can look at to find out more information about Anthony’s Key. Just google it (Anthony’s key, Roatan Honduras) and several sites will pop up.

Good luck with your search for a resort in Honduras that will fit all of your needs.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………….

thanks freedom – i figured you’d have some info.We are having second thoughts because of the weather in november. we’ve read reports that it’s the rainy season and a bit of a gamble. Could work out really well or could be a disaster. We’re goign to make a decision this week. I’ll look for some other reviews and see what i can find.We actually prefer the airfare separate option – my friend lives on the east coast and i’m out west. We typically meet up in houston and get a flight down together. I have a brother living in Houston so it works out. I usually use points to get to houston on AC and then it’s a cheap flight south on Continental; that’s what i did for nicaragua and belize and it worked out really well! Also, if you overnight in houston you can get an early flight and get there before noon.
Hey TussThat is awesome that you can get a flight out of Houston. I did read that flight only, are much cheaper to Honduras from the States opposed to Canada.If you get flight only, you may also want to look into just renting a place in the West End and just buy a dive package from one of the dive shops there as well.Wossa and I did meet some tourists that rent places in the West End while on vacation and then just do their own thing while they are in Honduras and just love vacationing that way.Freedom Ryder 8-)………………
wossa Guest We’re goign to make a decision this week. I’ll look for some other reviews and see what i can find. Hi TussIf your looking for information about diving and going at a particular time of year, and the conditions and visibility of the water etc, it’s worth checking out Scuba forums as well. There is always someone who has ‘been there, done that’ who can advise you as too their experiences.Scubaboard.com is usually pretty good for divers sharing information, but there are loads of others too. Good luck and let us know what you decide.

Wossa….. ;D

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