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Happy New Year all. THinking of a 2 resort holiday in Roatan. One week at FI and one week at HM. Anyone ever had a 2 resort holiday? Any thoughts?

Hola TigericiousI have heard of a forum members doing a one week vacation split between 2 hotels which you can book on line, but never a 2 week.When are you planning on heading to Honduras?. Wossa and I have stayed at the Henry Morgan Resort but not at Fantasy island.Let us know how you make out if you do decide to book at 2 different resorts for the 2 weeks. Freedom Ryder 8-)……………….

Hi Freedom; We’re tenatively looking at the last Friday of March for 1 or 2 weeks. I wouldn’t split one week, but would for two. I’ll check it out. I’d like to try the snorkeling at the HM as it is said to be good. I know it is at FI. We checked out the lobby and bar at the HM and it is kind of cuba-like. When are you going this year?

Hola TigericiousWossa and I are planning on heading to Honduras the beginning of March.

Too funny, I have already starting getting out our Scuba gear.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………………….

I was thinking today I would sort through my summerthings to see what still fits. This will give me a reason to stop eaatting. It nice to gear up (litterally for you) for trips way in advance.

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