2010-2011 Season – any new Tour Operators? | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

We are planning on Roatan (West Bay) again this Easter but REALLY don’t want to do the Toronto stop over from Calgary – sooooo wish someone would offer Roatan from the West! I think we may end up going on a Conntinental Airlines pkge via Houston at least you can do it all on one day and your luggage is checked straight thru – no AI that way but bed and breakfast and we can eat around for dinner – probably works out fairly close in price anyway as we aren’t huge drinkers and we ended up eating dinner away from the resort three nights out of the week last time.

I’m really keeping my eye on this thread, as we too have to fly from Calgary and I’m kind of sick of the limited options we have for direct flights to holiday destinations. It would be so nice if one of the tour operators would come up with a new destinations, beside Mexico, the DR, Cuba, Jamaica and Costa Rica!

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