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I have 24 hours in Tijuana in a few weeks time, I hear it’s a little edgy/lively ? Anything to do here or is it more worth while to cross the border to San Diego instead ?


Be careful. Swimming with sharks is much healthier. LOL

Sounds like a good name for a western movie

Sorry couldn’t resist

Ha ha…..reading between the lines I’m getting the hint to head to San Diego ! Tijuana does have me a little intrigued !

Spunky, I am heading down to Baja California to spend a week diving with Great Whites so maybe a night out in Tijuana would be a good warm up for me


Living here on the west coast, we hear a LOT about the drug war issues in Tijuana. Proceed with caution!!!

I have just spoken to one of the cleaners at work who is Mexican and she looked at me like I was insane when I mentioned to her I was travelling to Tijuana…she said that she wouldn’t even go there as a National and then reeled off all these horror stories about its reputation. Wow, crazy place, it sounds too much of a gamble to stay, too many robberies and other weird stuff going on.I have decided to go to San Diego, spend the 24 hours there sight seeing and then make my away across the border, through Tijuana early evening to the dive boat. Gulf side to watch the pupping?
Down to Isla Guadalupe Spunky, 250 km’s off the West coast of Mexico, a really good place to see Great Whites over the next month or so. I think it’s more of a mating thing going on, the smaller Males are there now and then the bigger females arrive mid September….fingers crossed 


These folks are doing a great job:
www.guadalupefund.org Nice link mate….I will be going with Nautilus Explorer who are mentioned on here. I will be going to the Revillegigado Islands with the Nautilus early next year for two weeks diving as well, great boat and crew.


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