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We chose the Iberostar for our wedding because we tought it was the best "family" resort, since we will be bringing kids… But we plan on staying a second week for our honeymoon and we don’t know if we should move to another resort or stay at the IV… Any suggestions??

We were thinking of spending our second week else where but in the end we’re glad we chose to stay here. It was a very special place to us because of getting married there and we got to know the resort staff well during our first week so it was nice to interact with them during the second week. We travel to diff resorts each year and doubt we’ll be back to this resort so I wanted to soak it all in.

The thing is i’ve been there already for a wedding in April 2006… I’m afraid i’m going to get ‘bored’ with the resort…. But you are right when you say you get to know the staff weel and interact with them…

Hmmm, if you have already been there then I would think about trying a diff resort. I have heard great things about the Sandals next door, I know it’s right next door but it’s adult only and I think it would be a great honeymoon week.

CubagirlWe were thinking about going to the Superclubs Breezes Jibacoa for our second week. It is more towards Havana and in a completely different place, which is nice. I was going to switch hotels on the VAradero strip, but our TA made a nice suggestions to try the SBJ because it is different scenery with gorgeous mountains in the backgroud and great for snorkelling. It is cheaper for us to switch to this resort as opposed to staying at the IBV for another week. We are seriously considering this resort but haven’t booked it yet. Hope this helps.


Hi Cubagirl
We had our wedding at the IV on Jan.3. We thought the same way as you. We switched for our second week to the Sandals next door. We missed the IV. The Sandals is not as nice, it is starting to look rundown. The food was good. The atmosphere was different, crowd is mixed, but older. We took a scooter to the end of the peninsula. There is a beautiful new resrt being built, the one side is open. It is called the Selena. It looked awesome.

This is too bad… I booked my second week at Sandals just yesterday………….. I would of loved to stay at a new resort…… or like Chantel27 said, somewhere else in Cuba… At least i’m not too picky…. All I want is a nice clean resort with no "bed bugs" and no case of virus…. lol Thanks anyways girls. I hope this can help other brides that are uncertain about their second week…

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