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Hi, all…I’m a Bajan Canadian seeking a quiet 3-bedroom house/apartment/condo on or very near the beach in the Dover area of Barbados for just one week at the beginning of May 2006.I think I may be really looking for a private deal with an owner/manager.I’m not a cheap person at all, but it’s hard times for us and our budget is very tight right now. I really have to think about saving as much as I can.Add in airfares, a week’s car rental and food to think about, and I figure US$850 or so is as much as I can afford.I’m a pretty good part-time webmaster and web designer, good with graphics (can provide URLs of past work), so if we could come to some kind of trade exchange for all or part of the cost I would really appreciate that very much.For my part I’m willing to do the whole package (before, while I am there, or and/or afterwards) – creation, graphics, take pictures, massage the images, search optimisation, image optimisation, etc. – and maintain/update it for an agreed period of time afterwards.Plus, if anyone has info on someone with a good, reliable air-conditioned vehicle for the week’s auto rental that would be very much appreciated too. I can offer the same site creation of improvement deal in part or whole trade exchange (for any business a web site that actually works is very much worth the investment).I’m 57, re-married about 18 months ago here in Canada, honeymooned at Casuarina in 2004. I spent many years liming around Dover’s Salt Ash Apartments, am good friends with many people from that particular area and still maintain a web site for the late Mrs. Worrell’s family property Salt Ash.We’d like to bring my 19-year-old stepson, who just started University here, on his first plane flight and trip outside Canada, hence the need for larger accommodations.My wife and I sleep separately (I snore, with sleep apnia), so that makes three bedrooms, and air-conditioning in the bedrooms is really a necessity (at first, anyway).Any ideas/suggestions, anyone?Please use the form below for initial contact… it’s really for SPAM avoidance. I will respond direct from my private email address, and we can take it from there.


Thanks much…Jim Lynchin "Tranna"905-881-5197

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