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A few random thoughts from Havana last week..Holy crap there are new bars and restaurants everywhere. I used to (almost) know every cool joint in town but I’m completely out of the loop now, there’s no way to keep up with the avalanche of new places.Some of the new restaurants and clubs have had so much money poured into them that I can’t imagine how they’ll ever be in the black.There has always been a huge disparity between rich and poor, but at least the rich were largely "hidden." That’s no longer the case and it’s reflected by the increase of Cuba-on-Cuba crime. There are loosely affiliated gangs of "poor" kids preying on the "rich" kids more than ever. I saw bodyguards waiting outside several high-end clubs.The late, late night scene is better than ever. For a nocturnal guy like me it’s heaven.I had to laugh that one of the filthiest low-end jinetera/jinetero bars on La Rampa is a children’s disco on Sundays. Little kids lined up around the block with their parents at 1:00pm to dance their brains out! They must hose the place down with disinfectant before the kids are allowed in though… cripes, what a dump…There is really good, cheap food like never before. You can get a huge, great burger for 35 CUP at 5:00am right outside the bar, can’t beat that.Lots of the usual jineteras/jineteros in Old Havana are missing now, I assume in jail, but no one really seemed to know.More decent rock/alternative/metal/etc. bands and concert nights than ever before. I was the only foreigner amongst hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of fans at one venue out in the suburbs.Both couples in front of me at the airport Cadeca were ripped off. Why, why, why can’t people do simple Grade 5 math and count their money carefully? I just don’t get it.There’s some great private art galleries doing very well.Pollution in the harbour is bad. They have to get this cleaned up, it’s particularly awful where the cruise ships dock. It’s a horrible eyesore.The good parts of Havana are getting better, the bad parts are getting worse.No beer shortage though, thank God.Cheers,


So sad that I have not kept up with the Cuba forums. Look what I missed.TERRY…. I WAS IN HAVANA SEPT 25 -30.Would have been great to meet up. It was a short meeting filled trip for me but …..

Proxima vez amigo.

Thank you Terry for such great report about Havana and what is going in Havana at the moment. I am sure that many who traveling to Havana will appreciate it as well many of us who wish to be there now. Thanks!

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