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Here is something I have been wondering about. Both times we went to Royal Decameron we had to have our first dinner at the buffet. They gave us a ticket so we could go into the buffet earlier than the other guests already at the resort.

We didn’t have a problem with that. But am curious how some groups that arrived the same day were already booked into some a la cartes.

One of the representatives at the resort, Rey was his name, seemed to be the one who booked up a couple of a la cartes for some new arrivals.

I don’t know anything about that except that there is a place to book the alacartes near each of the lobbies so maybe you go right over and book. We usually check in around lunch time so we hit the buffet for lunch and dinner on the first day. Actually we eat a lot at the ala cartes because sometimes we forget to book. Don’t forget to go to KONTIKY, the food is really good.


We won’t be getting in until about dinner time this trip. Rey at one of the briefings mentioned about booking a couple of the a la cartes the night before. Perhaps I should of asked him. As I mentioned it doesn’t matter to us, we’re just as happy going to the buffet. Just curious. I thought if it’s something they do for repeat guests, then how does a person let the resort know you are one, prior to your arrival. Looking forward to trying out the new a la cartes. Bebbie

Once you get to the resort, how far in advance can you book the ala cartes? Do they have specific times on when you go to the buffet? I have never been to the Decameron but will be going. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

hi north, i think i read somewhere about 1 or 2 days in advance. some have said that if you go first thing in the am (like 7am) you can get the same day and also book for the next. Also i think i read that you can only book for 2 days at a time. Not a big deal, there is always food somewhere.

Last year we were booked a la carte on the first night. I think it was because we were with Nolitours Vacation but I’m not sure if that was the reason. We just picked up our tickets today for January and according to the hotel voucher we are allowed only 3 a la carte restaurants per week. Last year it was unlimited. Three times a week is plenty as the food is very good at the buffets.

Larryo: When are you going to the Decameron? I am pretty sure we were booked through AirTransat Vacations/Nolitours both times we went and never got an a la carte the first night.

Seeing that you are from Quebec, perhaps Rey books the groups coming from there the first night. I know both times we went, no one from our flight got a la carte. We were all handed vouchers so we could go into the buffet a half hour earlier than the others already at the resort, to eat.

I noticed the fellow from Montreal said they were only allowed 3 al a cartes per week. Last year, we went every night other than 2 or 3 nights. I hope they did not change. I really enjoyed not eating at buffets all the time.

Yah I noticed that too. I sure hope they aren’t really doing that. Can’t recall – are you going for two weeks? If so, then you won’t beable to let me know because we are flying in when you are leaving (22nd?)
Hi there! When we were there in September we were able to eat at a la carte’s every night. You had to reserve early because they filled up fast! It seemed some people were able to reserve in advance somehow because when I wanted to make a special reservation for a birthday dinner one day in advance the second seating at a couple of restaurants was already full!! I wonder if you can send them an e-mail with your arrival info and they can reserve a spot for you?!?Have a great time-I’m so jealous. My husband just started a new job so I’m not sure when our next vacance will be. Maybe I’ll just take off with the kids-I feel safe enough at the Decameron.

See ya, Judy

Hi Judy: Thanks for your input. Sure hope we aren’t going to be limited to how many times a week we can eat at the a la cartes. If so, then so be it. We are going for two weeks so if we want to hit different ones, we will beable to in that time frame. From experience, I am NOT going to wait and leave the best to last. Did that last trip and lost out! They were booked up. Snooze you lose. LOLDoes anyone out there have an email address for the resort? Not to book ahead, but to request a specific building.


As far at the ala cartes, I have never been told or heard anyone say that you could only go to so many per week but I don’t ever make my reservation through a travel agent or with a group so I don’t know if my experience really counts. Also just an FYI for you Bebbie- I have tried to email but had found that they do not respond too well to it, so I called to request a specific building and was told to make my request at check in because they would not promise anything in advance. I have heard this from others also. I will check to see if I still have the email address somewhere.Only one month away for you Bebbie, bet your getting excited. I know I am excited for you because when you get back I will only have about 6 more weeks to go before I head back.


Hey all – we are heading out to Royal Dec on Christmas Morning! Thanks for all the fabulous info found on this site. We booked through Nolitours and the res states 3 a la cartes per week. But maybe they won’t be too strict with this? We’ll let you know when we return in 2 weeks! We are curious what they’ll do with us on the first evening for dinner since it is Christmas. It’s all part of the adventure!

We emailed the resort for room requests but they replied that all requests were to be through the agent. So they weren’t much help but if you still want to try, the email address is [email protected] Good luck!

Kathy from Ottawa

Veronica: Sure getting excited about this trip coming up, as I bet you can well imagine. Perhaps in regards to rooms, we will let the chips fall where they may be. Then again, I would prefer to be on the second or third floor as opposed to the first. I have to call our travel agent anyways, so perhaps I will get him to put a request in.

Kathy: So you have been lurking at this forum have you? NP, I did that myself for awhile until I actually posted. Be sure to pop back on and tell us all about it when you return. Don’t leave it too long because we’re heading out the 22nd of January. If you get really ambitious, post a review.


We were there in Feb. 2006 and we recieved our first night a la carte on the bus with our check in package. We were with nolitours. We booked a la cartes every morning after that in the lobby. We asked our travel agent to request building 17 on the top floor and we had a fantstic view of the ocean and were near the sushi samba. We did get our request. I also emailed them about a week before we went with the request also. We did not pay to be down at the ocean level, but still had a fabulous view. Our bldg. had a paved pathway beside it so you didn’t need to climb the stairs if you didn’t feel up to it. Have a great holiday. We are off to San Andres Island this Feb. 2007

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