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General Cuba Information and Frequently Asked Questions:

Drop Box for Resort Contact Updates:

Drop Box for Resort Contact Updates Cuba

Note to new members. This is for new updates. Here we go: As suggested by eeeefarm, YVRck, Zendudette and others, it’s been decided to make a real effort to update our contact info. I volunteered to help and Steffie and our management jumped at it. Drop your new and verified info off here and it will be used in the updates. All reasonable info is appreciated like multiple email addy’s/phone numbers and contacts for various departments. One new contact or a single email that you just found i…

Contact Info for Cuba Resorts/Hotels:

Contact Info for Cuba Resorts/Hotels Cuba

CONTACT INFO – A – H Arenas Doradas Playa de los Taínos. Varadero. Cuba Tel. + 53 45668150/56 Fax. +53 45668158/59 E-Mail: reserva@arenas.gca.tur.cu E-mail: director@arenas.gca.tur.cu Webpage: Barceló Marina Palace Autopista Sur, final Punta Hicacos, Varadero, Matanzas CUBA Tel: (53 45) 66-9966 Fax:(53 45) 66-7022 Fax: (53 45) 66-7200 E-mail: guestrelationsbarcelo@marinapalace.co.cu E-mail: reservasbarcelo@marinapalace.co.cu Webpage: http://www.barcelo.com/Barcelo/EN/BusquedaGuiada/…

Emergency Phone Numbers when in Cuba:

Emergency Phone Numbers when in Cuba Cuba

What are some of the important phone numbers one should have when in Cuba? Maybe we can all compile a list together and post them for all to use, as a reference in case of an emergency in Cuba.

Cuba Resort Maps:

Cuba Resort Maps Cuba

Debbie’s Cuba Resort Maps: http://picasaweb.google.com/DebbiesCaribbeanReviews/CubaResortMaps# [image] If you have a resort map feel free to send it to: editor@debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com and we will add it to this gallery

List of Restaurants in Varadero:

List of Restaurants in Varadero Cuba

While waiting for my luggage at Varadero airport recently, I happened upon some restaurant information which may be useful to fellow travelers. Being the pack rat that I am, I brought the list home with me! Those of us who travel to Cuba frequently know that things can and do change quickly. It’s possible that some of these restaurants no longer exit or the name may have changed. Other great eateries may not be on this list! If you have a favourite restaurant that’s not listed here, let me know…

Varadero Maps of Hotel locations:

Varadero Maps of Hotel locations Cuba

Hi I know this has been asked for many times before but I could not locate the hotel maps for the Varadero area and wonder if someone could provide me with the link. Thanks

Help Cuban People:

Veterinarian Dog Supplies to Havana:

Veterinarian Dog Supplies to Havana Cuba

For those of you that are not aware my name is Terry and I run the Spanky Project. Working with groups in Havana and Trinidad we operate population control programs and support protectoras that take in street dogs. www.spankyproject.org I have received a generous donation of near 300 packs of Heartgard Plus for dogs. If you are heading to Havana and or Trinidad from Canada and have some extra space in your luggage I could use your help. Each pack contains six doses of the chewable medicatio…

Helping some folks in the Guardalavaca area:

Helping some folks in the Guardalavaca area Cuba

Last year we were able to get a considerable amount of items to a congregation in the Guardalavaca area and I wanted to post thanks from Pastor Eddy Garces to all who have given time and effort to help his community in Melilla, Holguin. Pastor Eddy is the fellow standing out in front and left of the house sharing some donations with a family in Melilla. [image] This is an ongoing project so if any are planning a trip to the Guardalavaca, Holguin area and want to see something of Cuba away fro…

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