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Accessing a member’s profile

While the mini-profile provided next to a member’s post will provide some basic details of a member, it’s possible that you may find out more about a member by checking out their full profile. Some details you can find out are: their latest forum status, the date and time they registered on the forum, what topics they have posted in recently, and who their forum friends are. How much info you’re able to learn about a member ultimately depends on what the member has provided for public view.

There are a couple of different methods you can use to view the profile of another member on the forum. One way is to visit the Members page by clicking the Members button typically found at the top menu bar of the forum. You can then use the search function on the Members page to find the member whose profile you want to view. Once you have conducted your search, simply click on their name listed on the Members page and you will be taken to that member’s forum profile.

Another way to view a member’s profile is to look at the Users Online list found at the very bottom of the index page of the forum. From the member list there, you can click on any of the names displayed in the Users Online / Last 24 Hours list and you will be taken to the member’s profile that you choose. Finally, if you’re viewing a topic and see a post by a member who you want to learn more about, simply click on the member’s display name provided next to their post.

Viewing profiles isn’t just limited to viewing those of other members, you can also view your own profile as well. To do this, simply click on the Profile button provided in the top menu bar of the forum. Once you’ve accessed your own profile, you can view the details you have made public to other members, and will also have the ability to modify your own profile with the Edit Profile button.

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