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This hotel is pretty much ok, it is close to the airport, so you will not have any problems getting there. The stuff is really professional and well trained, but the rooms are not as good as I expected them to be. They were clean, but there were some problems with the toilets. The room overall was pretty big, with tv with a cable, safe that was free of charge (and this is really important for me since I had a few bad experiences with other hotels) and a small balcony that had a street view. The beach is really close to the hotel, less than 5 minutes walking. Everything at the beach is free (like towels and so on), so that is a plus, but it has an average cleanness, so that is a con. When it comes to the nightlife, it is pretty much well organized, there are good parties, but as I saw, this hotel is a good place for seniors too, since there were a lot of them there. If you want to go somewhere else, there is taxi all the time and it is all in all cheap. The thing that I like the most about this exact place is that there are a lot of night shows that show the Cuban tradition and you can participate in the local dances and try the traditional cuisine. A lot of things here are really cheap or free, but some of them are really worth the money – it does not fit the standards that most people are expecting to see and have. So all in all: Pros: location, nightlife, shows, the fact that it is cheap Cons: hygiene, the drinks were watered down and the food after a while gets boring because there is no diversity. I hope this helps, all in all, I had a good time here and I will for sure come back in Cuba and probably in this hotel too. This is a place that is worth visiting and if you are looking for fun you will for sure have a great time.

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