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As someone who developed their nut allergy late in life (at 17 to be exact) I have only ever had the opportunity to travel before it set in. Work and school and everything else has hindered me from doing so since then. My boyfriend and I have been wanting to travel and lately it has become something we are very eager to do, with the Canadian winters and all. Has anyone travelled as an adult to the caribbean with a nut allergy? Do you have any recommendations of countries that are easier, or resorts that are accommodating? I am not allergic to peanuts but tree nuts trigger an anaphylactic response. I have seen other posts on this site advising not to take children with life threatening allergies onto charter flights. Being aware of the risks, I am not interested in being told not to fly, but simply the best way to do so. I would really love to get out of this cold! Lets keep it positive!Thanks.

Hi jenniferrose and welcome to Debbies. Regular scheduled flights to 1st world areas like Florida and Bermuda might work out nicely.
Does the smell from those packages of roasted almonds bother you?

I heard something not to long ago about an airline, cleaning and inspecting the plane before a passenger with alergies was to board and that they also plan on having a section on their planes being nut free.
Try researching this on the internet as I am pretty sure I read online.

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My husband has a severe peanut allergy and carries an epi-pen. He developed this allergy only a few yrs ago so we had to figure out a way to handle it when we travel. When we stayed at the Iberostar Paraiso Beach (Mayan Riviera), I visited the Guest Services Manager and she typed up a letter, en EspaƱol, for us to present in the restaurants to communicate his allergy. She also communicated with the resort restaurant managers to make them aware. They were all very helpful about it. Others I have spoken to have had little cards made that explain the allergy in Spanish, and they show it to the restaurant manager wherever they eat. Learn how to explain his allergy in Spanish so you would be able to communicate in emergency, if you had to. I can’t remember how to say it as I’m sitting here typing this, so I guess I’d better look that up again, lol!

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