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We are going away for my big 4-0. Looking for 4.5/5 star resort, adults only, great food, fabulous beach, premium drinks is good.We are not big party people but we are certainly social.Our experience has been at Excellence Riviera, Bahia Principe Ambar, Occid.Xcaret Royal Club. We are open to anywhere. I am getting frustrated with trying to find a place. Please, any help is appreciated. We’ve had some ideas of Negril (Couples Swept Away) and also the Royal Playa Del Carmen.

Again, this is a general question asking for educated advice. Thanks for the help.

My wife and I went to Couples Negril for our 25th anniversary and thought it was a beautiful place. She spent quite a bit of time relaxing on the beach and I loved to play around on the small catamarans. Did the snorkeling trip, tried to do the resort scuba but got shot down during the health questionnaire. We loved the sand and loved the bay it was on. It wasn’t super windy. It was not a big resort but PLENTY of folks to socialize with if we wanted to but we aren’t social so we just enjoyed each other. The best thing was there was NO kids!! No teenager!! Just loving couples all around The food we were not ready for although it wasn’t bad it was just different. We had a personal experience that has us looking at other options but it is looking like we just may end up trying the Ocho Rios location. Were not much to judge or compare to other resorts as this has been our one and only trip outside of the states much less MN. Hope this helps you.

PS – You will have to tell us what you liked/disliked about Excellence

PK,Thanks. I think Negril is on our list. That was great feedback. We too are leaving the kids at home with grandparents so we can enjoy ‘grown ups.

We LOVED Excellence. The food was exceptional at every restaurant. We had one night at the gourmet where our meal came at 11pm but that was because it happened to be a night we met some folks and joined them for dinner meaning there was 10 of us. Big group. Otherwise, the service was exceptional and the food was second to none. All the booze was premium. Crown Royal was always available everywhere as an example. Pools were terrific. Lots to choose from and service was great there too. Room service was fun…we had fresh omlettes, muffins, fresh fruit, pancakes, etc. You never wondered what you were eating. As a matter of fact, I a looking at the Excellence Playa Mujeres for our February trip. I was realy impressed with the class, service and amenities at the Excellence property. Hope we’re not disappointed. Enjoy.

At Excellence was there plenty to do in the water? Meaning catamarans, kayaks, wind surfing, etc. How about snorkeling or scuba? This is a biggie for me ;D

Thanks a bunch for sharing your opinions!

Yes, plenty of cats and kayaks. We did not snorkel but friends of ours did and there was always plenty of gear, etc. We just booked. Looking forward to it. You can not beat Excellence. It really is an amazing property.

EPM was the nicest and greatest resort we’ve been to.

However it doesn’t have a "fabulous beach" as you mentioned as wanted. It has a nice beach but certainly not "fabulous" like Negril, Maroma or Cuba.

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