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I haven’t heard from anybody when I posted earlier. Does anyone know anything about the Brown Sugar restaurant? Is it opening again?Thanks.


hi gere, how are you? i dont know the restaurant, but i love BARBADOS i miss that place so much that we are going back this year or next year, been there 3 time, and it’s wonderful,. Why are you asking about the restaurant? is it something special there???…… So where are you staying down there?

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Hello Beachlover;Thanks for your response. Brown Sugar was a restaurant just south of Bridgetown and we always made at least one visit there each year. We have stayed at Casuarina for the past 12 years…(you can tell that we love it), but this year may be our last because it has been sold and apparently the new owners plan to make it "all-inclusive" and that doesn’t appeal to us, since there are many great restaurants up and down The Gap and Casuarina is within easy walking distance to all of them.Last year Brown Sugar suffered a major fire. I have been wondering if they have rebuilt. We usually took a route taxi there from Casuarina. I will try to paste the information below. It would be on the left hand side coming from Casuarina, just before Bridgetown. I believe it was owned or operated by the same people who operate Pisces, so the interior was similar, and the bread pudding laced with rum was the best. They had hanging plants and you could sit by a table with water trickling through a fountain…very nice atmosphere.Hope you make it back to Barbados this year or next. It is a lovely spot for sure. We have to always overnight in Toronto…do you? Living on Prince Edward Island has its advantages, but not when it comes to reaching a major airport!!Here’s the info on Brown Sugar:Located just South of Bridgetown, Brown Sugar serves the BEST Bajan specialties on the island. The decor is very lush with hanging plants, and an open veranda for dining by candlelight. Locally grown vegetables are served, and meals are quite reasonable with lobster being the most expensive. The restaurant is known for its buffet-stylelunches, popular with local business people for itsgood value.
hi gere, well my mouth is watering just the food down there make me crazy, we love it so much and yes the very good puding is to die for, but i did stay around there and never saw that restaurant?? we are always walking everywhere, or take the bus, and didn’t see that restaurant?
Well something new to go to!!! we love to walk and stop by the road and eat in the little resto. they call, they make good food, and the peoples are very nice, haaaaaaa!!!
i want to go NOW this time we are looking in these
little (cottage) it’s like bed&breakfast, the price are good, so maybe ( i) want to do that next time we go. we never have a lay over we take air canada and it’s direct but this year there always write day you have to stay 1 day more at you’re lay over, that i dont like
but i’m looking, i’m looking
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