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It is one of the best resorts in Cabarete asides Wilson and I have been to the both of them but I think this resort beats Wilson beach house. First of all, the most amazing thing that got me smiling throughout my stay was the kite school located in the premises of the resort. The hotel is clean and the staff easy to communicate with. The maids would always clean up after us even after leaving dirty dishes to go for a walk and wash them when we get back. The rooms are taken care of and cleaned on a daily basis. I stayed here early January and stayed for about five days and it was worth it. The rooms here are well equipped and they are quite nice and effective when it comes to asking the staff to do stuff for you such as deliver something or get something for you that will make your stay a comfortable one. The rooms and spacious and clean, my bathroom has a large shower, two sinks and enough room as I stayed on the first floor, I don’t know about other rooms or packages they have. I loved the first floor; it provided me easy access to the beach from my patio. You should try the Vaca bar in the resort premises; I had a nice time hanging out here. The hotel has got great staffs that are always willing to accommodate any request that was placed, they really made me happy. All the apartments and rooms in this hotel have sea views as the resort is located on the kite beach. The location is perfect with great view, great and super nice staff and great atmosphere. I will definitely come back here again if I have the opportunity to.

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