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Seeing so many restaurants listed on websites about Roatan, is it worth it to go for All-inclusive? I sure would like to try out those restaurants on the island. Would it be cheaper to get flight ticket and hotel booked seperately rather than booking an all-inclusive?

All inclusive right now for Fantasy Island is $1760. taxes inluded. price for 2 . Flight to Roatan is $1160 for 2. taxes included. By the time you get accomadations then buy your meals for 2. I don’t think it would be cheaper.

$1760 taxes included for 2?? ??Where can I find this great deal?

And what is "promo-room"??

Unfortuantley you would have to leave tomorrow On March 25 the cost is $1960.00 for 2 . Taxes included. Trips are on

Last January, we paid $1680 including taxes for one-week AI for both of us at Fantasy Island. Its hard to beat a last minute package deal when the price is that low. You are right, there are so many good restaurants in all parts of the island. If you can get a cheap flight to Miami, then you can get an inexpensive flight with TACA from Miami to Roatan. There are lots of places to stay around West Bay. If you are flying from Toronto, I find that the air only runs about the same price as the last minute AI packages, if you wait to book a week or two in advance, especially in the off season (January or April). Personally, I like the AI option when I can get it for under $1,000 each; then I don’t mind touring around and having lunch in the other interesting little restaurants we find.

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