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This weekend I saw advertising by CanJet now and it said "Shouldn’t your all inclusive package include all inclusive flight too?" So looks like some companies might use it to gain more customers.
Hmm, i wonder where they are going with that exactly?! And does Canjet npow do their own vacation packages? As madrugada mentioned they started this year with some all inclusive packages as well.
ya know… when you look at the site for A/C vacations and on their website it does not show any extra charges for Cuba. Still shows max 2 bags (free) with a max of 50 lbs each
…. I even called the T/A and confirmed. ~ she also confirmed with A/C. Maybe because it is a vacation package??? Source:

checked baggage allowance

Toronto, Ontario to/from Holguin, CubaEconomy ClassIncludes Air Canada Tango, Flex and Latitude fares, and Aeroplan Economy, Air Canada Vacations Economy and Air Miles Economy tickets.baggage1st bag Free2nd bag Free Each additional bag $225 CAD/USD (per direction)No overweight or oversize charges apply when the additional bag fee is paid.Max. weight per bag: 23kg (50lb)Max. linear dimensions per bag: 158 cm (62in)Overweight bag: $100 CAD/USD (per direction) for bags between 23-32kg (50-70lb)Oversized bag: $100 CAD/USD (per direction) for bags between 158-292cm (63-115in)

If a bag is both overweight and oversized, the $100 fee is charged only once.

Glad they are doing something to try and reduce some of the mayhem. US airlines have had boarding zones for years now, and they clearly state over and over again only those in the zones they are calling are allowed to board.

I still say Air Canada and the rest of them should charge for carry on, would reduce the amount brought on and make it quicker getting off and on.

The last time I flew there was an boarding announcement that anyone with small children or who needed assistance could board first. A young able looking fellow ran up to the desk, the chap at the desk looked at him with surprise and asked him if he needed assistance boarding. The young fellow replied ‘yes’ and then went down the ramp onto the plane. Very strange indeed. I often try to be last to board, I’m usually in an aisle seat, and don’t have much carryon, never could understand the rush to get on board.

The only reason I would try to get on board first was to make sure my daughter’s carry on was near us in the overhead storage. Then I realized it would be way more useful to have it under the seat!

I never understood why everybody wants to get on first. You won’t get better seats by being the first in line. Also not many chances the plane will leave any early if we all seat fast since there’s always that guy that boards at the last possible minute!

It truely is a pain. I don’t rush to try and get on. The flights are long enough as is. I also always pre-book my seats so I know I have the eat I want and where it is. I also don’t bring any carry on, so its easy on/easy off for me.

Will be interesting to revisit this topic in a few months or years when charge’s for carry-on’s start and see how that affects the process/

OK, as long as the carriers don’t charge for the total weight of the ticket holder and luggage. I have no problem keeping under the 20 kg and 5 kg luggage limits, like most people. BUT: I weigh 125kg plus clothes, and NOBODY wants to see me fly naked to save a few bucks.

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