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Anyone have any recent experiences? Wifey and I would love to hear your good or "not-so-good" stories.Thanks in advance.


Here’s one: I recently flew Air Transat (not through Air Transat Vacations) out of Halifax going to Florida and was accosted almost as I got off the elevator by an Air Transat rep who had spotted my rolling carryon, that has been successfully taken on two different airlines since December 2009. "That’s not going to fit", she announced, pointing at the carryon sizer. I put it in, and the bag fit but I had to give it a shove to make it fit. "No," she said, "the wheels will catch and you’ll damage the overhead bins". (During her excitement to "catch" my "oversize" carryon, she pointed us into the wrong lineup – fortunately, I noticed after only a minute or two).

I got to the check-in and I ask the guy, "Is it okay if I take this as carry-on?" He looks at me like I have three heads and says, "Uh…if you want…?" By this time I’ve divested everything I need out of it and decide to check the darn thing. When I get to the baggage x-ray, the x-ray guy goes, "You’re not carrying that on??"

I had no problem taking it as carry-on on the return flight out of the US. However, I dare say if the lady with the big ‘tude had been working at the check-in, I might have had a problem.

This is my bag (the littlest one):

We flew Air Transat last week with one rolling bag and one over the shoulder bag and had no problems. Neither bag was weighed in Toronto or Santa Clara.

I use my beachbag which contains meds, a book, passport, wallet, i-pod and one bathing suit in case our luggage gets lost. That’s it. Much simpler than trying to find space in an overhead bin. Unless, of course, you can pack everything in a carry-on for your vacation.

platypusvi Guest I flew with Air Transat recently. Their carry on weight allowance is quite generous as compared to other charter airlines. 10 kg (22 lbs).I bought my carry on after checking Air Transat’s specifications on their web site for size. I even went as far as bringing a tape measure with me to the store. I made sure that the bag’s measurements didn’t exceed Air Transat’s requirements. I included the wheels in my measuring. Then to take things a step further, I went to the airport a few days earlier, (I live close by) brought my bag to the Air Transat counter, spoke with the ticket agent to clarify the weight limits, and then placed my bag in the metal carryon sizer with her watching. The bag slipped in easily. My bag is about 12 to 1 inch smaller all around then their requirements. I even brought a print out from the Transat web site for her to confirm.The day of the actual flight, they didn’t even weigh my carry on. Everything was smooth.

I went through all this effort, because frankly, on the various travel forums, information concerning carry ons, has been contradictory. Sometimes you have to do your own homework.

We’ve never had our carry ons weighed or given a second glance on our Air Transat flights. I have a similar Heys carry on to YHZ and love it. It’s bright red and hard to miss and I’ve taken it on numerous flights, domestic and international with no issues.
"Accosted by an Air Transat rep"….phew. IMO, the only place a traveller should be given grief over baggage is at baggage check in not by some rep wandering the airport! Hubby uses a wheeled back pack for his carry on and, again, no problems. We made sure it fit the measurement criteria before buying it.

It was so silly – how likely is it that Heys goes around making carryons that don’t meet the carryon specifications?! Anyway, I would say that my experience is probably more reflective of running into one "mall cop wannabe" rather than some sort of Air Transat policy.

At the Halifax airport we had all our carry on’s measured (Air Transat) and of course mine would not fit down into the thing because of the wheels. I was not alone that day, there were others that had to either check the luggage and pay a fee or find another way to take your stuff. I happen to have a travel backpack in my luggage so I just used that. They did not check any backpacks and they certainly looked bigger than the wheeled carry on’s.

Now that I’m back, I can offer some advice and answer my own question.When checking in luggage, one suitcase was 20.2 Kgs and the other was 21.6. The lady asked we remove a few items from the heavy suitcase and put it in our carry-on. I don’t believe she could see my wife’s bag from where she was standing and wasn’t at all concerned about size or weight.When we were checking in at the gate to board the plane, I didn’t see anyone have their bags checked at all or see either of the attendants pay any attention at all to any of the bags.

So it’s probably a local thing if anyone gets any hassle.

I also have a question about Air Transat baggage allowance. I am going for 2 weeks. On my e-ticket it says " Passengers travelling 2 weeks or more with Air Transat ( from Toronto) the baggage allowance is 30 kg" .To make sure about that , I called Tripcentral agent and he said…as far as he knows it is 20 kg , only for people going for MORE than 2 weeks is 30 kg !! I am confused right now. Will try to contact Air Transat (good luck to me !) to clarify this. Also on Air Transat website it says carry-on allowance is 10 kg . Does anyone knows if all this info is correct ? Please help, I am leaving next week !!
I also have a question about Air Transat baggage allowance. I am going for 2 weeks. On my e-ticket it says " Passengers travelling 2 weeks or more with Air Transat ( from Toronto) the baggage allowance is 30 kg" .To make sure about that , I called Tripcentral agent and he said…as far as he knows it is 20 kg , only for people going for MORE than 2 weeks is 30 kg !! I am confused right now. Will try to contact Air Transat (good luck to me !) to clarify this. Also on Air Transat website it says carry-on allowance is 10 kg . Does anyone knows if all this info is correct ? Please help, I am leaving next week !! The 30kg for 2 weeks could absolutely be a new policy – wish it had existed last year, as I paid 60$ in overweight charges! It was a topic of discussion on another forum, I can’t remember which airline had recently begun allowing passengers travelling for 2 weeks a bigger baggage allowance… which makes total sense! I think it might have been Canjet, as a sub-contractor of Air Transat.If you contact the Passenger Information Center, you should get through fairly easily – I always do! Here’s the number: 1-877-TRANSAT.

When do you leave and where are you headed?!

Maluszek: Check your ticket on what carrier you are flying on. That could be the difference. We booked with Air Transat, but flew Canjet. Canjet allowed higher allowances if you were traveling to specific places or staying at a specific resort. We’ve only had two issues with Air Transat when it came to our carry-on. One time when we were at the check-in counter the guy standing behind the clerk that was checking us in, looked over at me and said "I need to weigh that bag you have". I had a weekender-style bag over my shoulder. I gave him the bag knowing darn well I was under. I was correct. Another time we got a clerk that was just darn right miserable. She wasn’t that friendly right from the beginning. She said we would have to check our carry-on because it was too big. I started to argue with her but my husband said we would check it. He couldn’t be bothered arguing which is unusual with him. I was livid, fit to be tied. Grabbed a few things out of the bag that I HAD to have. Said a few choice things to my husband as we walked away. When we walked by the metal carry-on sizer my husband looked at it and then at me and said "It would of easily fit in there".

What I have done ever since that experience is label all my carry-on with the dimensions of each piece. I have it written on masking tape on the outside of the suitcase. I ALWAYS check with the airline carrier what their allowances are in weight and dimensions before packing.

AnneM … Thanks for the number. I called that number tonight and was on hold for loong time and then gave up .I will try tomorrow during the day. I am leaving May 14 , going to Sol Cayo Santa Maria. Bebbie… I booked through, on the e-ticket says Hola Sun and the carrier is Air Transat. The one thing that confuses me the most is ON my e-ticket where all the information is about your carrier, seat, Terminal , times etc…under weight it says 20kg …but on the bottom of my ticket where there is the info about check-in times /tourist card and so on, there is the note about that 30 kg I posted above. What gives ?? Is it possible that Hola Sun made a mistake? I really don’t know who else to ask.

I sent an e-mail to Air Transat and will call them again tomorrow. Hopefully someone will have the correct answer !

maluszek: That’s it! Indeed Hola Sun (Caribesol in Quebec) negotiated the extra allowance with its carriers. It was discussed on the Cayo Largo forum, in that case the carrier was Canjet.

You might indeed have more luck contacting Transat during the day, try as of 8:00 or 9:00, sometimes Customer Service departments are not as busy first thing in the morning!

Update !!I called Air Transat and the agent told me it’s 20 kg ! And he doesn’t know why it says 30kg. I aksed if my e-ticket would be enough proof to show up with a bigger bag. He said he wouldn’t risk it, because the check-in agents know that ALL Transat flights are 20 kg .I am glad ,I sent that e-mail to Air Transat , here is their response …

" Good Day, Thank you for choosing Air Transat

Your free allowance is 30 kg (66 lb), total per passenger in Economy Class, as indicated in the notes on your e-ticket. You don’t require any additional proof, the information on your e-ticket is sufficient although the standard allowance or 20kg is indicated at the top"

….. there is more info in it about the measurement etc. So now I guess I don’t have to worry about it anymore . But you never know. I will print out that e-mail and hope for better informed check-in agent at the airport ! I just wish they all were up to date with the info, so we wouldn’t have to knock on so many doors to get the correct answer

Well, that’s confusing ???. If I understand your post correctly, you got two different responses from Air Transat; one saying 20 kg and the other saying 30 kg. I couldn’t see anything on their website about 30kg for 2 week stays.

I think you should be safe with your paperwork to get through baggage checkin with 30kg or raise one huge stink if they try to ding you overweight charges. But, that still doesn’t clear up the question that has us puzzled….which is correct and it doesn’t look like Air Transat employees know the right answer

platypusvi Guest I believe the message is that it is 20 kilos for checked luggage and 10 kilos for carry on. this is how they end up with the 30 kilo total.

Make sure the carry on falls within the correct dimensions,.

You are right steffiej , very confusing ::)! And I think I will go a little bit earlier to the airport than usually, so if necessary, to have time to talk to the supervisor IF they want to charge me for overweight. Yes, it looks like they gave me two different answers (both from Air Transat) >:(!No, the 30 kg is for check-in luggage alone (that’s what it says in my letter). On top of that, Air Transat let you take 10 kg carry-on.

I wonder how many check-in counter people will know about it when I show up at the airport .We will see. I sure will report (here) back how it went !

I just checked the Air Transat web site and it says the following:


Canada to and from South and the United States: 20 kg (44 lb.) Canada to and from Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands: 23 kg (50 lb.) Canada to and from the UK (INCLUDING Dublin and Shannon in the Republic of Ireland): 20 kg (44 lb.) Certain cruise passengers: 25 kg (55 lb.) if noted on ticket and for passengers who have booked air/cruise through our Tour Operator only) Canada to and from Greece: 30 kg (66 lb.) Canada to and from Italy: 30 kg (66 lb.) Canada to and from Grenada: 40 kg (88 lb.) – maximum 2 pieces Canada to and from Kingston, Jamaica: 45 kg (99 lb.) – maximum 2 pieces Canada to and from Haiti and Portugal: 50 kg (110 lb.)

So it obviously depends on where you’re flying to how much weight you’re allowed.

We traveled on a CanJet last year that was also flying Transat passengers and there were no holdups because of weight. I emailed CanJet and received an extra 20Kg allowance for charity. Good for them!! ;D ;D
We bought Air Canada luggage and still measured them just like platypus rex (you’re not the only one)
It’s easy to plump out the sides of the carry-on so it doesn’t fit in the test cage!!
Sure was nice to have 2X10Kg carry-on and 2X22Kg checked, each, this year with ACV.
We’re off the beaten track here so it’s nice to get a little extra for the extra cost.
Hi All! Here is my letter that was sent to Transat Holidays when I returned from our April trip! Haven’t got a decision as yet! They did reply to say this takes 4-6 weeks. I will post the response.I would like to contribute the following information before I proceed.I am a casual Travel Consultant(I work from October -March) with a local travel agency and I am also a Bridal Consultant.This is a personal issue and this is why I am going this route.A group of 28 clients flew down with Transat Holidays the weekend before my trip and the wedding was on Friday April 9th, my Hubby and myself flew down with you on April 8th,2010 TS424.To whom this may concern:This will be my final trip with Transat Vacations unless we get some kind of compensation. I will also try and book my clients with other carriers and have them meet your price for future travels. I have travel arrangements to make for April 2011 for another wedding, this one being a family one.On April the 8th we had the opportunity to fly with Air Transat for our eighth trip. Hubby and myself fly out of Halifax on flight TS 424. We had our seats prebooked and printed out our boarding passes with no problems.When we proceeded to the check in counter there was one of your clerks who checked our carry on baggage & refused to tag it as carryon due to the little legs on the outside of the bag stopped it by 1/2 inch from going into you carry on checker. We replied to him that we have been using these same bags with Transat for the last eight years. The check in girl refused it as well. So we then took our bags to the side and removed the two pieces on each piece so it would fit in your carrier then the checkin girl tagged our bags as carry ons. We were very upset. They wanted $190. to check these in for a 1/2inch too big. We tried to buy club class but this option was sold out not that that would of helped our situation.Upon arrival in Punta Cana there were several passengers of the same flight with much bigger carry ons that ours that had no problems getting these through as carry on’s. I counted thirteen carry ons that were bigger than ours. I measured one because I just so happened to have our luggage scales which happens to have a tape measure with it. From top to bottom of wheels the bag was 23 inches by 14 inches and the bag was 11 inches thick, ya right! that fit in the checker. NOT! These passengers were NOT club class either. I checked. These bags were much bigger than ours and we got the grief. Was our check in clerk on a Power Trip??? Why are all these carry on rules not for everyone? This is so unfair! So we ruined two perfectly good carry ons to accommodate Transat, when these bags were smaller than what others got through. Hmm….. we are supposed to be happy with this? Transat really needs to have a chat with their staff and check everyone’s carry on going through and not pick on a few ofus who are really close to their ruling.Waiting patiently to hearing from you on this matter.Sincerely,THEIR REPLY.We acknowledge receipt of your correspondence. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. A response will be forwarded following a review of the issues raised in your correspondence. We would like to bring to your attention that the normal processing and treatment time to any claim usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks from the date of receipt of the correspondence. We thank you for your patience while we ensure the matter is given due attention.


Hey Spunky,How does my letter to them come across! lol! I am not impressed & I will not forward them any business. Heard they are not doing so well anyways! Rumor has it!lol!

Happy Travels!

Hey silly,
Let us all know who matches their prices. Your letter was from your heart ;).. their response will come from ….

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