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Just wanted to say… it is worth looking into. We flew this way a few years ago and havn’t reverted back to the cattle car seating since. 3 course meal, free beverages, free head set, and spacious seating, express check in lines. Worth pricing even if just for the way back to relax. This year, because the time we go it cost us just 120 dollars each for both ways (around easter). $60.00 each way, well worth it…WestJet is nice too, but it doesnt have all the meal service…Whats your favourite way to travel?

only if it would cost 120 for us i agree 100% that it worth every penny!!!! we always get it when travelling transat now but it’s always 300 p.p. round trip for us…

yes, it always in the past has been the same for us. I think it might be that we are going the week of easter… only thing I could figure. But yes, normally $150.00 each way per person. I had to check again with the travel agent to be sure….

Have used it and highly recommend it. We are booked again on AT Club Class for our trip in April. Very good service and love the idea of your luggage first off. For what it costs it is well worth it.

I was kind of surprised how inexpensive it was this year (April 5th flight). I figured it was because easter is at the end of the week… But it is worth it for sure

We used Club Class for the first time, this past February, for our round trip to Cuba (6 hours each way) and it was worth every penny of the $300 pp cost. No way are we going back to economy now that we’ve had a taste of it

we flew Skyservice Star class..GREAT fron Hfx but not so good in Cuba!! 2 hrs in a line up……….no star service wicket!! also they filled it up with non paying customers as the plane was over full…..kinda a piss off.

I believe only Air Transat Club Class has a dedicated line in Varadero. Passengers who book the VIP lounge get to use the Club Class line for check in, also.

yes and had I know Sky had no Star class line up I would have ! 2 hrs standing in line YUCK

I feel for you! Prior to going CC, we have always booked the VIP lounge and that is one of the reasons why….to avoid the hours of standing in line to check in :P. It does bring to my mind, though, that folks should really pay attention to what they are purchasing. When we were last in the VIP lounge, a young couple came in who, not checking into exactly what they got for VIP, arrived at the airport and stood in the main lines to check in. It took them 2 1/2 hours and they were really pi**ed to find out they could have been sitting in the lounge relaxing, instead.
Sorry, bit off topic but if you are going through Varadero, remember that both Club Class passengers and VIP lounge passengers get to use the Air Transat Club Class lineup.

We are booked on Club Class next week for our trip to Varadero – 7 sleeps and counting (well, six and a half – I don’t think we’ll sleep much before our 6 a.m. flight)!

Quick question: Do Club Class passengers get to use the VIP lounge in Varadero on the way back, or do we need to book that separately if want access?

Quick question: Do Club Class passengers get to use the VIP lounge in Varadero on the way back, or do we need to book that separately if want access?

You’ll need to book and pay for the VIP airport lounge separately.

Do however make sure you use the Club Class check-in counter at Varadero airport so you’re not stuck in the huge line-ups. That way, you’ll be off to enjoy the VIP lounge quickly.

Thanks for the info.

One more question – do we book it ahead of time with our TA or in Varadero with our tour rep?

The VIP service for the Varadero airport departure lounge is booked once you get to Cuba.

Attend the welcome briefing given by your rep for all the details.

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