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So… Aisle or window seat? Do you reserve your seat(s) ahead of time?

When we first began to travel, we asked for window/middle seats together but now, bahhhh, we don’t care, but we do prefer the front section of the plane and we do reserve ahead of time. I much prefer a reserved seat so don’t get run over by people running for the ramp when the flight is called

I do the 24 hour in advance on-line check-in whenever possible. That’s when I usually pick our seats at no extra charge.

I discovered that booking a window and an aisle seat near the back of the plane usually yields us an empty middle seat.

Being a solo traveller I never prebook my seat but I always ask for an aisle seat as close to the front as possible. Zee is quite correct there is less turbulence at the front and less noise as well, because if you sit towards the rear of the aircraft you get engine noise.

We don’t bother to reserve. Usually we’re at the airport good and early. Almost always get a window for hubby and me in the middle. As long as we have an unevenful flight…..I can smell the warm ocean breeze.

I travel solo most of the time and prefer a window seat near the front. Most of the time I am able to get what I want, and I don’t reserve ahead. I do on line check in when it’s available, which in some cases lets you get some choice. When I travel with friends we also don’t reserve, but only once have we been spit up on the plane. That was on a return flight, bus was late to the airport, long line, etc. Heading out from Toronto we have always managed to get three seats together and usually near the front.

If the flight is Air Transat, I will upgrade to Club Class, and in that case of course I get seat selection.

Aisle seat, use free online check-in when available but find my regular carriers who I’m registered with, Avianca & American Airlines automatically give me an aisle seat near the front.

Haven’t flown on a squished charter flight since my last AI to Cuba on Sky Squish in ’06


Always prebook near the front of the plane a window and a middle seat. Although the last flight we flew Club Class and I realized I’ve flown enough now that I’m well past that excitement of looking out the window. I think in future, if not Club Class, I’ll be doing 2 aisle seats.

We always pre-book our seats. If there is first class, we always upgrade – so worth it. This year there is none, so we pre-booked our seats and paid for the very first row, that way we have lots of leg room and no one leaning their seat back on us. Its highway robbery what they charge to pre-book them, but at the end of the day I will pay it.

I always book in advance. Once the airlines started splitting up people you travel with unless you book in advance. Couldn’t beleive it when it happened for the first time with WestJet.

Since then I always book, even when I travel solo. Much nicer to know ahead of time its taken care of, plus I want a window seat for the view, so I can rest my head and sleep easier and so that I don’t have people climbing over me.

We always pre book our seats once the trip is booked. My husband perfers the extra leg room. Most of the time I will choose a window and isle as neither one of us like to get stuck in the middle. So I guess you pay extra to be able to do that? For example Sunwing offers this service for $15 per person if you pre book online.

Yes we always pay the extra when we go. I would rather be comfortable knowing we have the extra leg room, and not being stuck in the middle. When your in the middle I feel the people on either side of you own the arm rests lol.

We always book our seats in advance, not so much for the seats on the way down, however, the return trip so that we are sitting togather. We book a window and middle. Do they allow now return trip to be booked as well. I never actually booked return trip seats when I go to Cuba and actually it would be nice. Now last week my friend was returning with Sunwing from Holguin and they had 3 lines of people waiting to check in. One was for VIP another for Elite class and 3rd one for economy. VIP and Elite line was empty and huge line-up for economy class so 2 our for 3 Cubans did not work at all but kept looking around.
Do they allow now return trip to be booked as well.
Yes, they do! Have for a while now.It’s a big cash cow for the charter airlines to charge for seat selection. It used to be free & first come, first served especially for exit row seats. Now the seat selection charges depend on the seat selected. Regular economy seats are $15 per seat/ per flight for most charter airlines. Last time I flew with one of the charters, I recall that paid seat selection could be done no earlier than 3 months in advance of departure.I believe Sunwing has a slightly lower charge if you paid extra for Elite and Transat includes seat selection for Club Class passengers.
We always reserve our seats ahead of time and take two aisle seats – across from each other, front half of the airplane. If it’s offered we will pay the extra for priority boarding so we can be assured of getting an overhead bin in our area. Most airplanes we have been on, the aisle seat, has a very small area to store your belongings under the seat ahead of you. Could not fit a regulation size roll on under it. So you can imagine if you didn’t book priority, the upper bins would no doubt be filled by the time you got on the airplane, because they load people on from the rear to the front.

If it’s Air Transat and they have the two seat configuration at the back, we will pay the extra to sit there, together.       

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