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Many times all inclusive resorts in Cuba can be fun specially when you travel with family, spouse, partner, friend. One of the best thing is that you do not have to go for refreshments every time but you can take turn. That way we avoid to do any exercise and gain more weight while resting on the sun. Do you do turns to get drinks from the beach bar in Cuba?

In my opinion, it is always the first one to get up from the lounger to take a bathroom break. (which is always me). But I am not a trained waitress and can only carry two at a time; so when I come back with first two which are always just mine, someone else says, "Oh, let me help." Bonus – I get more drinks! Just kidding, but it is always a "who went last" type of thing. But also have to say it is usually a man who agrees to go after his wife kicks him.

It’s always my husband. I could go several hours without wanting another drink. He gets impatient waiting for me to take my turn so he always gets up and goes. We always travel with our frisbee to use as a drink tray. It holds 6 of those plastic cups. We’ve actually gotten up off our chairs and thrown it around a few times too!

Myself as well like to go and get the drinks as that is opportunity to meet others and chat as well have chat with bartender. I have some friends that do not like to stand up and walk to get their drinks but always try to get served.

In the morning we take two 20 oz Bubbas full of ice and a litre bottle of water to the beach. By afternoon, we’re down to ice plus something nice from the bar.The 52 oz Bubba is used as an ice bucket or as a wine cooler. Bubbas are practically a currency at our spot. Plenty of guests ask the bartenders for one when they forget, and others get tired of 5 oz plastic cups and ask to buy one. Easy to get 10CUC for a 20 oz. More often we bing extras bought on sale for $7 and loan them to a friend if needed, then leave them with the staff.  

I’m sure they are quickly turned into cash.

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