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Im looking for an all inclusive we can all go to as a family. I have older kids 19, 21, 23 and we need a place where there is activity and things for them to do while me and hubby relax. I am not interested in going to the Dominican Rep, Mexico, or Jamaica. Any suggestions? Looking to go Christmas week out of NY for 6 days. Need a good clean classy place of at least 4 stars but without the super expense. Thanks

I really wish you luck in finding a "classy" inexpensive 4 Star or better resort over the Christmas period. particularily, an adult only resort. If you locate one, please share with us.

He’s flying out of New York City so probably not interested in Canadian travel agencies, ratherbeonabeach. I wasn’t posting the site for her to use as a booking tool. She asked for suggestions on travel to places other than the DR, Mexico & Jamaica and this site lists all kinds of Adult Only properties other than the places she doesn’t want to travel. If nothing else, it may give her some ideas of places to vacation where she can start doing some research on.

At the end of the site there is a toll free phone number for people in the US as well.

Unfortunately, with the ages of your children they are not classified as children in most resorts when going to an all inclusive.You should maybe consider booking adjoining rooms, in alot of cases this is cheaper when you book that way.

Happy Travels!

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