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ohhh inquiring minda would like to know…. we stayed there and thought it to be a nice facility, with lovely staff, and an above average pool.


Looks like the environmental officers in Costa Rica actually do their jobs! Wow, that’s great!It seems that the resort finally got caught dumping raw sewage into the bay through some "secret" piping system.Too many resorts around the caribbean dump their raw sewage into the ocean, and the officials usually just look the other way.

Now that I think about it, heck there are some cities in Canada that do this too.

Hey Gang:Yes, the Allegro is closed until they get their act together and fix their treatment plant. The Grand Papagayo is now being investigated too but no results until next week. Actually all hotels in the area are being checked now which is great. Apparently the Allegro knew what they were doing and made no attempt to correct it. I hope this is not the case with the Grand but any hotel pumping raw sewage into the ocean should be shut down and fined heavily. Bad enough to pollute this pristine bay but right were your guest are swimming……….hard to beleive isn’t it.

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