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I am shocked that travel agents are even allowed to recommend a worn out filthy resort as this one is. We arrived to find a huge line up to check in and found only one person working so it took 2 hours to get our room keys. The room was so worn out, our bed was like a rock, bathroom tub was all chipped up, bar fridge was full of water. Light bulbs were almost non existent, hallways were too dark for proper safety. No light on the balcony and at one point I dropped my glass trying to place it on the table which I couldn’t see and it smashed to the floor I picked up what I could but couldn’t see to get it all and later hubby cuts his foot on a shard of glass. First ala carte was not to bad but the Italian one was cold and not fit to eat. Food was not bad but nothing labeled and a lot of undercooked meat. Tables in the buffet were disgustingly dirty with dried food. Our housekeeper was excellent but we found most of the other staff didn’t care. Sunwing representative was terrible. Hot tub didn’t work, toilet seats were almost non existent. The shows were very good and entertainers were pleasant. This place is full of very unhappy guests. It’s very sad when you save for a dream vacation and end up with an experience like this. Cuba is beautiful but this sure put a damper on it!!

Room Number:

Only 1 person doing check in’s so it took 2 hours to get to our room.

Rooms are so worn down, hardly any light bulbs and none on the balcony. Bed was like a rock and so old the sides were rotting.

Restaurants and Bars:
Found a lot of the staff unhappy and not eager to serve you even if you tip them well..

Beach was beautiful, pools were very cold and the hot tub never worked all week.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Shows were very entertaining on the resort but not a lot else to do there. Took a tour to Habana and enjoyed that very much. Double decker buses were great, taxi service was excellent, bathrooms were hard to find.

Other Comments:
I think Cuba is a very beautiful place and wouldn’t mind going back but I would never stay at Allegro/Naviti ever again.

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