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When I first decided to visit Cuba I didn’t know which place to see first. But after a recommendation from a close friend of mine, I decided to take my family on a family vacation to Varadero. Before we arrived there we were extremely suspicious about the city and the condition of the hotels there. But from the first minute spend there I could see that this place is the perfect spot on the Earth to spend the family time with my loved ones. I choose this hotel because it had the best possible conditions for the price that they have. Ok, I admit the price depends on how much are you and your travel buddies are prepared to spend on a vacation but anyhow the price is really affordable. The rooms are clean with high hygiene standards included. And not only the rooms, the entire hotel too. Most of the furniture and the accessories that were in the rooms were in great condition and working perfectly. Because I was traveling with my family I had to see if this place is safe enough so you can stay here with your kids, but after the first day spend at the hotel I was totally assured that there is no any kind of problem that I should be worried about. Thanks to this hotel I had really good family vacation and romantic vacation at the same time, because the hotel rooms have very nice view of the ocean and the romantic ideas are starting to build up. So all in all we had a chance to enjoy the holiday however, we wanted, but knowing that this hotel can offer us all the things that were needed to succeed in that plans that we had. Me and my wife are both satisfied with the hotel, but most important for me is that my kids were extremely happy too. So if you decide to visit this city than this hotel is the right place to be if you want to have great condition, great price and what is more important – great holiday worth to remember.

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