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My daughter has a new peanut allergy, has anyone been to this resort with such an allergy? We have just booked a trip here and the travel agent thinks it will not be a problem if we travel with a medical certificate? Any thoughts??

HI, We have been to Almond Beach with a peanut allergy. My son is 13 now and it was about 4 years ago we were there. You need to ask your travel agent for the name of the food and beverage manager and their email address for phone number. There are very happy to talk to you and will let you know about hidden peanuts. Call them before you go and ask for a meeting with them when you get there. The ice cream is the soft type so it is very safe. They would not guarantee the baked produts but this could have changed. Find out if they use peanut oil in any thing. They have an area that has ice cream, pasta and pizza, burgers etc all day. This is all good. Stress that your child could die! Sorry but it takes a word that that to make them realize the severity of your allergy. Make sure you take 2 adult epipens and find out how far the hospital is and how fast an ambulance will show up. That will make them pay attention. Plus you do need to know this. I know it’s not too far but you will still need 2 pens for sure.We have also been to Jamaica – Beaches, Turks and Caicos – Beaches and Dominican – Ocean Blue/Sands. All were great. Beaches resorts are very good about communication.Let me know how you did if you have already been there.Good luck. You have my sympathy!!


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