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Considering booking this hotel for our family holiday. As there do not appear to be too many reviews on this hotel as yet (I believe that it has recently re-opened following refurbishment) can anyone give us any more information?

Do you know what the property was before becoming an Almond Property?
If it was the Wyndam Morgan Bay….I was there about 8 years ago. Very beautiful but NO beach at that time. The rooms were huge and lots of marble. Food was great. Overall I am not a St.Lucia lover. We had a terrible experience. I have been there since on a cruise and we did not even get off the ship. There are very few beaches and what you do see is black sand. We found the island very dirty. It is lush and tropical but there is a lot of garbage and I did not feel safe at all when in the downtown area.Hope this helps.

Didn’t stay at that resort, but we did stay at Club St. Lucia and the Rex St. Lucian (much better hotel than Club St. Lucia) and felt extremely safe. When we were at Club St. Lucia both my sisters-in-law and myself went to the street party they hold on Friday nights and had an absolute blast. We got separated when the heavens opened up (rain) and there was a St. Lucia couple that took care of me and stayed with me until I could locate my sisters-in-law. We had an absolute amazing time in St. Lucia, don’t worry, in town was fine during the day, never went at night. It is a great island, go, don’t worry and relax.

Good Afternoon.This might be a bit late but we spent a wonderful week at the then called St. James Club Morgan Bay in January 2005. We found the accomodations very good to excellent. The main restaurant good. And had a meal of a lifetime at the upscale (extra $$) restaurant. My wife still recounts in detail the Lobster Thermidor she had that evening. I don’t recall what I had but my memory was the outstanding wait staff. The dinner was completed with an aperitif on the small outdoor veranda, truly an evening to remember for the two of us. (This restaurant was open to the general public as well.) The beach was good, although a lot of sand fleas. The cataraman sailing (I’m only a novice) was great. The adults-only pool area was awesome with own little bar, great for getting through that pile of books!I think the only real negative was the drive from the Intn’l Airport in the south to north of Castries. We landed around 17:00 and the drive was dark most of the way. We didn’t mind too much but a couple of people in our minivan (no large buses on these roads) started to complain about halfway; I figured perhaps they should’ve booked Disney World as opposed to a small caribbean island. I would try to plan for an earlier arrival if possible so that the drive would be in daylight and can be part indoctrination to the island ways and part "island tour". We have also considered when we return to fly to an island nearby and take LIAT (or small carrier) into Castries airport.This was my first trip back to St. Lucia since the late seventies, boy has it changed! Cellphones everywhere and Castries is quite the busy capital.Oh ya, sipping an adult beveridge and watching the sun set at the bar (Larry’s Hideaway?) hidden at the far end (opposite end of the grounds to the breakwater) was our favourite daily ritual.Not sure how Almond has changed it, but as a St. James Club it was fantastic.

Bob & Barb

Went to Resort December 15th 2006. Went for Honeymoon, checked out after going to the beach in the resort that day. Very small beach, no chairs available and more kids than adults.
Went to Rendevous and had the time of our lives

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