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Room Number:

On arrival (being transferred by and from another hotel) we were grudgingly greeted by reception staff who were obviously not pleased to see us.

Rooms: One room (521) was by the elevator and stairs, the other (535) had the ceiling falling down onto the beds in white flakes. 535 did not appear to have been cleaned (or used) recently – the beds were not aired and the bedlinen damp.

Both were extremely noisy – especially late at night when tables and chairs with metal legs were scraped across the 6th floor restaurant and then early in the morning when this was repeated. Noise from the elevator and stairs continued until late at night. All of us had disturbed sleep during our stay. Neither room had bedside lamps.

Restaurants and Bars:
Breakfast: on the 2nd morning we discovered why the coffee the previous day had been weak – when they ran out instead of making a fresh lot, they poured hot water into the container, which filtered through already used coffee grounds! Staff stood around watching tv during breakfast time, while guests made do with whatever had not run out on the breakfast buffet. Things were not replenished.

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