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Compared to European standards, this hotel was a big bummer. We are experienced travellers and would not return for the amount of Euros we’ve had to pay. Yes, it has a great roof terrace with good views over Havanna; unlucky enough, the roofs of Havanna do not get the same attention as some of the gables/facades do, so what you are actually looking at is not that interesting. We found the room very basic with water coming up through the floor in the room and in the bathroom. Worst of all was the terribly dirty room. We found loads of black hairs and where they don’t look, they don’t clean. I ended up doing the bathroom floor myself using our towels. This place should not cost more than € 40 a room a night in high season.

Room Number:

Reception + staff in good order

Small, dark, humid and (worst) dirty

Restaurants and Bars:
Ground level bar is good, as is the roof terrace. Just not good enough to allow for the high price.

Other Comments:
We booked this one for 3 days in order to have something available upon our arrival. Next time Cuba – if at all – we will be staying with Casas Particulares only. Most bang for your buck, safe and you are able to come closer to the Cuban culture that you want to get to know.

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