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Calle Mujica e/Colon y Maceo, Santa Clara, Villa Clara

"Very nice and clean"
Posted by: Rebecca on Oct 19, 2014
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For one, Santa Clara is a great place to spend one’s holiday and we sure had a nice time visiting this town. I and my husband had a great time at this hotel and we will sure be coming back here for our next vacation. Let me start from the staff by saying that they are the most accommodating people ever; they smile a lot and are very helpful. The dining room staff was all very friendly and the meals were all great. We stayed here in February for a getaway and it was worth it. The room we stayed in was very comfortable and very clean as they cleaned it every day which was a plus. The location is very perfect as it is located close to the Vidal Park which made it easy for us to take walks whenever we felt like it. It is close to a very popular ice cream establishment so we got some during our walks. The fact that it is very close to the main city center just says it all. The rooms are modernized and the interiors are clean, we learned that the building underwent refurbishing about two years ago hence the new look. Breakfast was great but there was nothing special. It is a nice, clean and professional refurbished hotel where you can comfortable stay at when visiting this city. We only stayed for five days but we are definitely coming back here if we visit for our next vacation. Cheers!!

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Before this vacation, I thought that the hotel location and the hotel standards are not so much important for your holiday. But this time I was traveling with my husband and kids on the vacation that was imagined at the time when the entire family will be together a longer period of time. We were like super excited about this idea and the kids love the idea to travel all the way from Canada to Cuba. This was a whole new experience for me and for the entire family too. The recommendation for this hotel came from one of the locals that said that this was one of the best places to be in Santa Clara. And he wasn’t wrong. The rooms were clean and nice with great view of the surrounding area. The toilet was clean and big enough, not like the other hotels when you can’t even turn around in the wok. Another fact that I really personally like it, was the fact that most of the rooms that I had a chance to see were painted in bright colors. So when you wake up or just chill in the room, the room color is relaxing you. The kids loved it too. I like the restaurant too. It has bright colors and very nice choice of meals. They are always fresh made by experienced Cuban chiefs so I was not afraid to give that food to the kids. The hotel location is also great because all the things you need can be found nearby. So all in all we were all satisfied with the hotel services and the employees that were very kind and nice. They were there all the time in case if you need something at any time of the day or night. I would recommend this hotel for all the people that want to have nice family time at the decent hotel with affordable price for the services that has to offer to you and your closest ones that you have decided to travel with. Great hotel for great vacation.

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