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Our travel agent (fam. member), recommended the Aruba Amsterdam Manor Hotel with the Superior Studio, Ocean View room, for our Jan. 2008 winter vacation (two weeks).Has anyone had any experiences with this place? We will rent a car to shop and get around. We will prepare much of our own food and drinks and only eat out occasionally.Is there anything, that is not readily available locally, we should bring from home?We have visited many islands; this is the first time in Aruba.We appreciate any reply.Egon.
Stayed in that exact unit many years ago and think the recommendation is an excellent one. I remember the room quality, size and decor was impressive. I thought it was excellent value for the money and a preferred spot to stay as its more relaxing than the big hotels. Keep in mind an ‘oceanview’ does exist, however this mini-hotel is across the road from the beach. Now the road isn’t a main one, its (was) lightly travelled and not a problem.

Aruba is one of the easiest islands for us to adjust to, including driving. One thing I remember was in the capital its quite congested with few parking spots available. Not a problem elsewhere. And never leave anything in your car, not the trunk or glovebox either. Sorry it was too long ago to remember specific spots to go to for dining.

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