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Hey, I’m doing some research on where to stay in SKN. A relative recommended the Angelus, but I cannot find much of anything positive about this place. Complaints of smelly sheets, leaky roofs, rude and inattentive staff, etc. Plus apparently the owners/management of this place are a little on the "shady" side, shall we say (see posts at this forum). Too many red flags for my entertainment dollar. Methinks my relative went off her medication while she stayed at the Angelus.I’m leaning heavily towards the Marriott? Any reason to even CONSIDER the Angelus?Please advise…
I’ve stayed at the Angelus before and I hate to hear all of this negative stuff about it; however, I was shocked to see the postings on Something horrible has happened to many people and now I’m not so sure about going back. I think it’s sad to see people being treated like this. I hope they can clean things up there because it sure is a beautiful island with so much potential. My family and I will be going to the Marriot instead. I appreciate the postings by others that I have read. Thanks! ;D


I will be staying there for two nights (Jan 19-21) and will post a review when I return.
I spent two nights there in January. The room was clean, comfortable and spacious. Front desk and diningroom staffwere friendly.The negative points were:Hotel forgot to send the transfer from the airport to the hotel for us.Had trouble with the key to the room. Front desk quickly gave me a replacement.Hotel was not busy. Only saw a few guests and parking lot was empty.No shade at the pool. Pool bar closed.No children’s activities.Property needs landscaping and a splash of colour on the outside.This is definitely not a full service hotel. If you are looking for an inexpensive accommodations, and a nice room this place is satisfactory. With some TLC, this hotel has potential.
As of September, this hotel is now closed. The government has acquired it. I feel bad for people who have invested money in their time shares and for groups that have booked their facilities.

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