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Anguilla is one of the most famous islands that belongs to the Caribbean part of the world. It has many things to offer to the tourists and that is why, this island is visited by more than hundred thousands of people. The perfect long beaches and the wonderful weather during almost the entire year, make this place like heaven on the earth.  more…

Angulla’s capital The Valley is the city with the biggest population. The entire island has a total population of 13,500 citizens and the official language is English which is normal because they are under British overseas territory. This island is known also as a tax heaven and many of the world largest transactions are happening here. But if you are not a businessman an you just want to spend some time relaxing on the beach than the next few fact would be interesting for you: – It is located east of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands and north of Saint Martin – There are few other islands in this country that are much smaller and some cays that have no population, so if you decide to visit them your privacy will be guaranteed – The climate conditions on the Anguilla Island is almost perfect because the weather is described as a dry and tropical wet with a low temperature difference during the year. Variations are only a few degrees Celsius for example, in December it is 27C and in July it is 30C but be careful with hurricane period from June to November and try to avoid visiting exactly that time except if the weather prediction says it is ok sure to be there. Rainfall averages are 890 mm per year, but that is fact that depends every year. For the ones that are interested in playing some sport while they are in Anguilla here are some information’s – the most attractive sport is boat racing where racers from all over the world came to race with their boats or you can just watch their live performance during the national holidays where the local people make the entire show with the boats traditionally made on the island and called carnival. The entire show is called regattas and it is a unique special experience that you can have while you spent relaxing time on the beach with a cocktail in your hand. Of course, there are other sports available like cricket, rugby and so on. Finding a free room in this place it is an easy task if you make an early booking. There are many options available, you can rent a single room, entire studio or an entire house. Generally the rooms are clean and have nice conditions. In most of the houses there are 2bathrooms kitchen and ocean view so the only thing left for you to choose is which one do you like at most. And the prices are affordable too. It depends from the time of the year that you want to be there, but generally the lowest price per night that you can get is $120 which is not expensive for this type of place and the joy that brings. Hotels are even in better condition and there are better conditions there. There are spa resorts, golf terrains and children’s pool. The food at this place mostly comes from the sea so don’t be too surprised that the special is a crab fritter salad. This is basically a crab cake with a salad on the side and it goes with soup. The fried bread is optional, but it is nice to taste it. Try to taste as many specials as you can on this place because they are all fresh and well combined so it will be too sad not to try this. When it comes to the drinks that are invented and popular here we must mention the Mawby which basically is a cocktail made from tree bark and it can be classified as a soft drink.

No matter if you came with your kids, wife or friends there are certain locations that you should visit like the Dolphinarium for example where you can enjoy with hours watching the dolphins doing shows. If you want to enjoy on private location, then you should visit the Sandy Island, an island with no population or go surfing in Captain’s Bay. Visit Anguilla and have the time of your life!

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