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Do not go to this hotel in the summer months. There is no air conditioning in the main cabins on the hill and the temperature from May 21 through 24 was so hot (about 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit, 35-40 Celsius), I could not sleep without wetting myself down every few hours. In addition, there is no pool. There are mosquitoes in the rooms. Although there are screens on the window, they don’t keep the mosquitoes out (or maybe it is other biting bugs). All night long there were chirping frogs that were quite annoying. There is no telephone (or any other technology) in the room so if you are in your room and want something to drink or eat, you have to walk down a very steep hill to the bar. The food is not good and the service is slow. At one point, I found myself asking a couple at a table next to me who had been served twice, if I was invisible. There is no fitness center in the hotel, but you can hike up the mountain and use the Jade Mountain fitness center which is sub-par. Some of the staff are quite friendly, others are not. There is no real town nearby (Soufriere is dirty and poor with no trustworthy restaurants or shops). It is not possible to visit other towns or hotels without a long drive to the main road inland. I think it would take hours. There is free internet in the bar, but there is often a wait to use the one computer.
The only good thing I have to say about the hotel is the beach is secluded and lovely if you can survive walking down about 100 steps to it.

Your Arrival:
Prompt, but long ride from airport to hotel (about an hour or more).

Hot (95+ F and 35+ C) and full of mosquitos or other biting bugs. I cannot imagine how anyone could find this atmosphere romantic unless they were there in January. No telephone so no room service. The rooms were small and cramped and no tub.

Restaurants and Bars:
Mediocre food, mediocre service

The beach was lovely and secluded, but to get to it, you had to walk down 100 or so steps. The snorkeling was so-so–nothing to write home about. There is no pool.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
My daughter went on a hike up the biggest mountain in St. Lucia, but her guide, although skilled, talked very little and she was the only one who dared to take this hike. The native language is Creole, not English.

Other Comments:
This resort is so over-rated that I cannnot imagine how and why it gets good ratings among travel agents and others.

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