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For anyone looking to get married at the resort, I highly recommend it. My wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect! The resort took care of everything, all we had to do was fill in the blanks! I couldn’t have imagined having so much fun getting married! There was no stress what-so-ever. I had my hair done at the salon for $57US and they did a wonderful job. You will have to make a trip to the capital (St. John’s) to get a marriage certificate the day before, but it took us only 30 minutes round trip. You will also meet with the wedding coordinator before the wedding to choose your bouquet, music, cake, candlelight dinner and breakfast in bed. This will take as long as you want it to. As far as the dinner, you choose between steak and lobster. The lobster was superb – best dinner we had all week! And the breakfast in bed was unbelievable. We circled everything on the menu and they brought it all!!
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We arrived on Thursday and met with Jolie Watkins ( the wedding coordinator on Friday. She goes over every detail of what you want and then accompanies you into St Johns to go to the High Court and apply for a marriage liscense. We also stopped at a bridal shop and rented an exquisite Pierre Cardin Tux for $80 US-we were extremely delighted with the Tux as we were not sure when we went down there as to how the availability/selection would be. BW does not normally do weddings on Sundays, but happily accomodated us-even opening up the salon which is normally closed on Sunday. We got the full spa package for 2, and the pampering got us totally relaxed for the big day. Beverly in the salon did a great job with bridal hairstyle. As for the wedding you cannot script your own ceremony, but the one performed is absolutely beautiful and brings tears to almost all. We were able to pick the type and color of flowers we wanted to decorate the gazebos and for our bouquet and buttonhole. The cake was perfect and so good. They saved the rest of it for us and we had it for dessert after our dinner that evening. We opted for the video and the largest picture package available (Best 50 of 60 pictures all 5×7 with 4-8x10s including the negatives-$280 US) and were happy we did so. The photographer arranges all the photos in a wedding album for you. The photographer takes pictures all during the ceremony, as well as in the garden and on the beach. The video was great and edited with our names and sweet music ($300 US). After our ceremony we proceeded up the jetty to the other decorated gazebo where we cut our wedding cake and signed our marriage certificate. We were surprised that they provided us with 2 bottles of champagne for after the ceremony because it was just the two of us and our two witnesses, that was very nice. We had our wedding dinner in the Palm restaurant because Vivyiens is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

A tip-we went barefoot for our ceremony and pictures; the stepping stones that lead down to the gazebo are uneven and when you get down to the beach for pictures you take your shoes off anyways. The next morning the staff comes by and brings a made to order champagne breakfast to your room, which is a wonderful extra that is included in the wedding package. When you receive your video the hotel has free VCRs that they will bring to your room and set up for you to preview your video to ensure that it is to your liking. Jolie is a huge help and is very dependable for all your questions and concerns.

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