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Can anyone tell me what Antigua is like in June? Good time to go or not? Thanks, great site!

Hi I think it would be hot and dry the rainy season would just be starting early June would still be dry rain would start as the month went along I would think.Antigua is always a bit breezey so take that as a given.Hope this helps in some way.

Hi!I have been to Antigua in May to see their world famous sailing regata. I have not been there in June tho. As twotravelers said, Antigua always has a nice breeze. Summer Temps. should be in the mid-80’s. Since it usually showers lightly for 20 to 30 mins. mid-day it never gets real hot in Antigua and that breeze sure helps too! In may with the higher winds a jacket sometimes comes in handy in the evening. Bring along bug spray.I have been to Antigua on many occasions so if you want more info…let me know!

Cheers, Allan

I’m thinking of July or August, temp and rainy condition the same? This will be my first trip out of North America? Any recommendations? Is it safe to walk out at night. Sorry….just making sure.

I have been to Antigua in May to see their world famous sailing regata. Hello AllanI have heard a lot about the World Famous ‘Sailing Regata’ in Antigua but have never been there myself to see it.Do you have any photos posted of your trip that I can view?.

Freedom Ryder 8-)………………..

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