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We’re considering staying on the east end of Grand Cayman at Morritt’s Tortuga Club, Easter of ’07. I’ve been searching online but most reviews are 2004/2005. Has anyone been recently?

We just returned from a week at a private condo on 7 mile beach. Nice place to visit and if anyone has any ?? about tourist sites, navigating the island, etc let me know

I live in GeorgeTown.Haven’t actually been TO Morrit’s, but have driven by it on a few occasions (I have no car, and EE is a little far to travel to on one’s bicycle).From all accounts that I’ve heard in my 20 months here, Morritt’s is a nice place. Will try to find out more for you (today is the Ash Wednesday public holiday, so my office is on minimal staffing) and report again by Friday.

I hope you enjoy my island (well, it’s not really "my" island per se… I’m just an expat on a work visa who could be kicked out at the whim of the government) and I hope you have a pleasant stay here as well!

Interested in shopping. We will be on a cruise in November. I would love to findand internet cafe to contact family, walk around grab a bite to eat then head

back to the ship. Any suggestions on places safe would be great.

When you get off the ship you’ll be right downtown in 7 mile beach. I recall a few of the souvenir shops having free internet for cruise ship people, can’t recall an internet cafe.

may be travelling to "Sunshine Suites" at the end of April. Are their drinks /meals (on or off the resort)expensive? -we would be going with just breakfast?We know the beach is a walk away,but are there restrooms at the beach? Any vendors?Can you suggest a dance club/casino there? Is it safe at night?Prices of Taxis? Buses? Are there side trips to go on? Costs?What is worth seeing and what is not??Is anyone else going the same time? (Apr 29th-May 6)

Any info would be welcome ..thanks

I actually have. Loved it. It was my 2nd time here and this time stayed at the Westin

I absolutely loved it! They recently redid it and it looks amazing now

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