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What is it like these days? The last review was a year ago, so I’m just wondering if anyone could post a recent review or give some feedback on the resort. We’re thinking of going there over Christmas with kids 16 and 6 years old.

Have a look on Trip Advisor, there are some very recent reviews on there, all good, so I think we have made a good choice. Maybe see you there at Xmas?
Really good reviews on Trip Advisor. Here in Canada the prices haven’t been released for the AI’s beyond October so we will have to wait until about July before we will have an idea of cost! It certainly is painful having to wait that long in order to plan a vacation :'(. We are now looking at a Caribbean cruise since we can get prices now. But you never know, we may see you there

Good luck searching for your holiday. Tour Operators here in the UK have prices available very early, we have to book early here for holidays over Xmas, they can get booked up a year in advance. We booked 13 months in advance for Cuba!! Must be very frustrating having to wait so long to book your holiday. Let us know if you decide to wait and do go to Laguna Mar.

Haven’t been recently but did go in September 2005 and had a fantastic time, especially in the casino. From what I’ve read, they have done up the beach bar since we were last there.

Esmerelda,How was the Laguna Mar? and Margarita Island? Haven’t been since 2004, and this post has dried up. I read lots of good reviews but always like a first-hand report.

It’s tough at this time of year, waiting for the fall packages to come out, but it’s a good time to read up and be prepared.

Hi TravelMom, were not going to Laguna Mar until December 07, we are staying there for Xmas – can’t wait. Will post a review when we get back.

Thanks for the review! Much appreciated – it sure is helpful, especially when there are so few. I wish everyone who has been there would help out and post a review. We are still hoping to go there – maybe next year.

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