anyone going to Barcelo Marina Palace in April??? | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Welcome to the forum, blondecaper. You can find a ‘wealth of information’ on Debbies forum.My Mom & I stayed at the Barcelo Marina Palace in April ’06. It had just opened. We had prestige class, but really it is just a block of rooms that are not too far from everything.Really nice rooms, comfy beds, food so-so (however, I have read on other reviews that is better now ;)), beach very big-lots of space.(no beach bar) so take a ‘bubba-mug’We enjoyed our stay…check out the reviews. Have a great trip.

Cuba does your soul good.

Oh my…blondecaper ;D we have to get you ‘initiated’ into the club Bubba mug is an insulated thermal mug with a lid to keep your ‘tropical drink’ cold for a long time (or short time ;)) You can buy them at Canadian Tire usually…no need for a hugh one…mine is 20 oz. good size or you can get the smaller ones…like a coffe mug.Check out the thread "Bubba Mugs" or "Bubba Kegs" for a ‘chuckle.

A must have for a trip south…because the resorts give you drinks in very small plastic disposable cups…oops! two gulps and it’s gone…then you have to go to the bar (which is most likely very busy) and get another teeny tiny cup or a few teeny tiny cups to last you. Anyway, you get my drift….

Welcome to the forum. Just a quick note to say that just about any travel mug will do. You don’t have to limit yourself to a "bubba mug".

Have a great time at the Barcelo Marina Palace. Check out the reviews here at Debbies as well as the Cuba froum. Lots of great advice, tips and tricks about travel. Have fun!

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