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Interesting article on a Canadian woman in jail in Mexico for 2 years without being charged. Maybe this is old news, but my wife said that’s it, were not going to Mexico anymore. Okay I said, doesn’t take much to sway a person does it? Phil
….my wife said that’s it, were not going to Mexico anymore. Okay I said, doesn’t take much to sway a person does it? Phil So where to now, or are you planning to give up sun vacations all together ? ;D

I missed the W5 story but you’ve got me curious so I’ll see if I can get the podcast.

We’ve got our eye on San Andres, never been before. Prices seem really reasonable for travel in March, wonder if it’s because of the warmer winter? Phil

That can happen ANY WHERE….not just in Mexico…do something silly and your bound to get yourself in to trouble…Other countries are not so forgiving…


Phil, there is a lot more to the story than the woman being tossed in a Mexican jail and forgotten about. This is an on going battle, as the man she worked for "supposedly" paid for her trip with monies from "ill-gotten-goods" income. He is now saying that the Mexican Gov’t has said they would release her if he pays a $500,000.00 fine. As always, we only get to know part of the story, so I certainly wouldn’t let this sway me from traveling to Mexico. I wonder just how many people are sitting in Canadian prisons who were wrongfully convicted…. ????This is a long run issue with many people here as you will see, but for me…… when away I mind my own business and watch what I am doing, but I still manage to have "some fun" ;D ;).

Just my opinion

Jake, eh

Yes there are always 2 sides to a story, it’s easy to forget that sometimes. I was glad to see Martin come home to Canada yesterday anyway, which proves the squeaky wheel gets the grease :). I worked on the airport she landed in, once(Waterloo Wellington), helping to extend the runway and taxiway to accommodate larger jets. We did find another warm place to go this fall, we just booked a 10 day trip to Maui and Kauai. Lots of pesos Phil
Yes, there are two sides to the story and it definitely is not clear that she is innocent – the only people who know that for sure are the woman herself, her ex-employer, and perhaps the Mexican judge. Has she suffered enough – clearly; is she innocent – who knows though she was involved in some pretty shady dealings…

For a long discussion on this, look at the vallartascene in the Puerto Vallarta News, Rumors and Gossip forum:

It definitely will not keep me from Mexico; it just reinforces the idea that, when you travel abroad you are subject to the laws and legal system of the other country – you have even more reason to keep your nose clean.

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