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I know for US customers, Apple Vacation is one of the largest and has great deals. I wonder if as Canadians we will be able to take advantage of a Cuban vacation through this company??

Based on that article, I am not interested at all with that kinda pricing, but I know like anything once they have the volume, I think we will see prices come down.

if it was going directly to the Cubans great….but no I fear someone else will be lining their pockets with the revenue

Carnival cruises just announced they are looking at doing week long cruises to Cuba, pending approval from the Cuban government.Prices starting at around $3000/week USD….double what they charge for a week long cruise to the D.R. They are basing the rates on the expected high demand.

Things like this wont bode well for pricing on AI resorts if this kinda demand is actually going to be there.

Sooooooooooo with prices like that how do you think the Guests are going to take the lines "Sorry we no have today, maybe tomorrow". I hear you but I suspect that with the increase in tourism because of the Americans, will come an increase in imports making shortages less and less. Always optimistic

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