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Aquarius Hotel is a small but cozy place to stay while on vacation or even a business meeting, I stayed here for 3 days while on vacation. The service here was more than wonderful, the staff crew were all friendly and very pleased to serve the guests and they looked like there were bent on making our stay a great one and it worked!! I loved every minute of my stay here and the disco was amazing. The restaurant is great and the staff there was wonderful. The food here was tasty and delicious and they had variety too. The only problem I had was those times I needed to actually sleep, the music coming from the disco was on full blast and that kind of disturbed my nighttime which wasn’t cool. Considering the fact that Bonao which is the city where this hotel is located is a small city, there are not too many options for one to choose from. Let me give you a tip if you want to stay far from the noise and don’t want the music on full blast till dawn to disturb your sleep, try to rent a room at the back of the hotel, it’s better, I wish someone would have told me the same thing. Asides, the rooms are nice, clean, spacious and comfortable for such a small place. I was intrigued at the standards here and the most amazing part is that the receptionist actually speaks English well enough to understand me and vice versa. It’s a great place and I will go back again.

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