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This resort is a worn out, old resort that hasn’t seem 3 stars since 1990. The lobby is nice but after that, everything is old, worn out, broken down and simply decades past it’s sell by date.

Room Number:

Room Block:
Villa 2

It was fine, but the milk run of hotels the bus took before we got theremade a long day even longer. Even after we got there, we had to wait for 2+ hours to get into our rooms, even though they knew for weeks that we were coming that day, and that is simply a lack of staff.

Simply put, everything was worn out, broken, missing, leaking, mouldy or dirty. I will assume the staff did the best they could, but the place is simply old and worn out and needs to be rebuilt if they expect to get repeaat visitors.

Restaurants and Bars:
The food here is simply embarrassing. The buffet is little better then dogfood and the ala-carts were little better. 2 in our party got food poisioning and suffice to say the poor food handling was to clearly to blame. We had one good meal in 7 days and cheap or not, that is simply not good enough.

They were fine, but the same as you would expect at any resort

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
we took a few excusions, but the artificially high exchange rate made them a rip off not ot be repeated

Other Comments:
We might come back to Cuba, but never, EVER to this place. It is 10+ years past it’s "best by" date and needs major updates to the food prep, rooms, commom areas and infrastructure.

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