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Our arrival was not too great. We checked in around 11pm and were given a room with no a/c, balcony and bathroom door did not lock, no shower curtains and the beds were not made. We went back to the reception and within minutes we had a new room. I don’t remember her name, but the reception staff are very friendly, speak English and you don’t have to wait forever to get what you need.

The rooms are very basic but very clean. GREAT water pressure and the toilets actually flush well. Very little light in the rooms, but you just have to open up your curtains for the sunlight to come in. I found the beds and pillows to be really comfortable…I always had a good night sleep.

Restaurants and Bars: The buffet restaurant is great. They have the best bread there!!!! They have a omelet and pasta station, which are great…very tasty. Some food is a bit repetitive but it never lacks flavour. We didn’t try any a la carte because you have to book it only at 11am for dinner the following night, and you can only book one at a time. By 11 we were in the pool so we didn’t bother, the buffet was more then enough.

Bars were great too. The drinks were good and not too strong. The bartenders are friendly…but a bit flirty so be careful. My friend was talking to one bartender and out of no where he just stuck his tonuge in her ear….not too sure what to say about that lol

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The pool was nice and refreshing. Very big with a small wadding pool. The pool bar there is great.

Grounds are nice, clean and neat. There are always men out working on it to keep it looking beautiful.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:

Other Comments: Great vacation. Friendly staff, great food and drinks. The workers tend to be a little more flirty then we liked and we were freaked out a bit, as well as the security. Two girls travelling alone so they assumed we wanted some fun maybe? just be careful.

Bring a beach towel. There was one day that we didn’t have one and other days where we had to use the same one day after day because their laundry machine wasn’t working. You have to pay $10 pesos at check in per towel which you get back when you check out. Don’t use the public bathrooms, they smell like a bear cave. DISGUSTING, that and half of the time they don’t have toilet seats. Better to go to your room and use it.

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