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It was absolutely amazing place for me and I will come back here again. The hotel was very clean, it was tidy and the management made sure that it remained that way throughout my stay at this hotel. It is not far from the main old Havana areas where you can go explore, see places, museums, restaurants and all of that so basically, it is a tourist area. They have a rooftop bar where you can go and relax while having drinks; the view from there is beautiful especially at night. I heard some of the guests complaining about their air condition but that was the only downside because mine worked well, in fact everything in my room worked. The food was great but I can’t say much about the portions, a little bit on the small side but it was very delicious. Yes the hotel is a little bit worn out but that is not the issue, every other thing is great. The amazing thing about this place is that the staff looked professional and not just that, they acted professionally, looked decent and very nice. They smiled whenever they tried to talk to me and that was very pleasing. The bar man called Aldo makes the best Mojito I have taken in Cuba, it was such a nice experience for me. The hotel itself, the staff and the entire environment was very pleasing to me and I highly recommend this place to anybody coming to Havana.

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