Aruba – Explore the Caribbean with Debbie

Do you like the long hours fulfilled with long walks on the beach? Have you ever wondered how the sky above Caribbean Sea looks like at night? Do you like to try exotic cocktails and food at least once in your life? Then all of your dreams and questions have only one name – Aruba. There is no doubt that every moment that you will spent here it will be a moment of pleasure and happiness for you and your family or friends. more…

Before you decide to visit Aruba you should know some basic facts about its geographical position, capital city, or weather. First of all Aruba is located in the Caribbean Sea about 27km away from Venezuela. This island together with some other islands in this part of the Caribbean Sea are called  Netherlands Antilles or the Dutch Caribbean which is their international name because they are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Their nationality is Dutch of course. Aruba is a small island with only 33 kilometers long and 102,000 citizens which is not such a small population of an island that is small. The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad. The weather is very nice because the climate is dry so that fact have helped this island ambition to become a tourist attraction. Another positive fact is that Aruba is outside the hurricane belt so it is safe to be there at any time of the year and enjoy your peaceful vacation. The temperature is from 28C to 31C during the year, so if you expect warm weather and nice white sand beaches that this place is just perfect for you. In Aruba three languages are spoken: Dutch, Papiamento (local language) and English because of the tourists from all over the world, so language barrier its not problem at this place. You can pay for the services or hotels in Florins – the local money or in USD which are accepted too. But traveling in a place like this, offers a lot of new things to see or taste. If you like to try new things, especially when it comes to food than it is recommended to try some of these meals which are invented by the locals and definitely worth it to give it a try: – Stobav – Funchi – Bitterballen The first meal is a hearty stew, which is mostly made out of fish, but if you want that you can order to change the meat with chicken or beef which also taste great. The second one is a polenta from cornmeal also one of the local meals that is popular, and the last one which, among the tourist is also known as the best meal in Aruba is made out from of puréed meat. Basically, that is deep – fried balls from this kind of meat, but the way that this meal is made hide’s the secret – why only in Aruba this is so good. But having a nice local drink is important as well as the food that you try there. The local beer that it is very famous and taste great is Balashi beer that almost everyone that had tried it says it is great. This beer is a tourist attraction by itself. First, because all of the tourists want to try it and second because the factory offers visits where the beer is produced. That place is open for visits from Monday to Friday and with meal included it cost $6 for grown ups (under age of 12 is free). For the ones that doesn’t want to see this local tourist attraction there are always many things that can be done. If you like to play soccer or tennis that would not be an issue because there are many fields that can help you in your relaxation. Accommodation is also great too. There are plenty of places to choose between. You can book a room or the entire house if you want more privacy or if you plan to take more people with you. Rooms are not expensive, starting from $45 and they offer bathroom, kitchen and other necessary things for your dream holiday. Almost all of the rooms have ocean view and high hygiene standards.

So what are you waiting for? Just choose your favorite travel bag and start packing. Arubais waiting for you.

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