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Aruba – Readers Travel Tips

My husband and I have been to Aruba three times and we have three words to describe it, WE LOVE IT. This island is absolutely fantastic paradise on earth. From what we have seen probably the best beaches are t the Holiday Inn. Yes that Holiday Inn. The staff is extremely courteous and friendly, good bang for your money.

If you want to have a really nice experience it would be next door at the Marriott. My God what a place. All of the major hotels have casinos for late night fun. Also downtown there is a major casino. At the Sonesta downtown there is also a casino slots payoff.

Dining is an experience. Don’t be in arush for your meal it will take a while but worth the wait. Amust is HOOTERS they have their own micro brew and the beer there is excellent. Also the island brand ARUBA RED is quite good.If you like sea food try the seaport village.

A word of advise drinks are expensive bring a Care Package. A 6 pack of shortie Budweiser is $15.00 at the holiday. Customs never asked bring a case and a few jugs. You can always get an insulated mug their(one less thing to pack).The liquor stores locally sell beer at X$ per bottle. Hope your husband has strong shoulders for that extra case.

Aruba is a shoppers paradise. Also bring an inflatable raft with you and float on the water its so clear that you can see the fish. No beggars. Just Paradise Island we hope to retire there in 5 years and say good bye kids and grandkids come and see us. PARADISE. Also if you want to visit Curaco short boat trip also daytrips to Venezula. Entrance for American citizens is Photo ID and Birth Certificate with raised seal. ENJOY


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