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Does anybody have recommendations on shopping areas, half day tours, snorkeling areas or other activities to spend some quality time?

The best shopping areas are behind the mall in downtown. Jewelry, Gold Palace is the best! Their prices are always adjustable. You can also find some souvenirs at decent prices along the back streets.

If you are going to rent a car, the best snorkeling spot we have ever found is right above the high rise section going toward the light house. You will see some black rocks jutted out into the ocean. You just park on the sand on the side of the road, people will probably already be parked there, doing the same thing. The most beautiful fish and star fish ever! There is also the de palm island tour where you will a ton of huge fish, but there are also a ton of people there too. The sunset sails always look nice. There are also many tour companies that take you out to different sites to snorkel. Have fun!

We stopped in Aruba for a day on a Southern Caribbean Cruise. Took a cab to Malmok Beach for snorkelling, and it was fantastic. A variety of colorful fish to be seen!!


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